IlShin BioBase, Korea


  • Stainless steel manifolds for flasks
  • Clear acrylic chambers
  • Stainless steel chambers for shelves and flasks
  • Shelf systems (heated or not heated)

Freeze dryer for pharmaceutical- Plant Scale

Lyoph-Pride SCM series provide satisfaction for specific customer’s needs. SCM series are designed upon various user requirements complying with BGMP and cGMP. From small scale to large scale, SCM series perform ultimate completion of freeze drying with uniformity and efficiency.

Verified in-house technology of Cleaning in place and Sterilization in place guarantees perfect execution and SCADA control provides precision of standard control complying with 21 CFR11.Being a great partner of your successful future, authentic full-automated loading /unloading system of ILSHIN BIOBASE shall improve your productivity.