Filtra Vibracion SL, Spain

Sieve Shaker

VENUS V-shaped Laboratory Mixer

VENUS V-shaped Laboratory Mixer has two loading inlets with silicon lids and one outlet with a dosing valve. V-shape means axial currents are produced when the body is turned, and these separate and unite the material. This, along with the radial mixing action, produces an extremely homogeneous result (in the proportion of 1 part in 10.000) without the need for paddles or other devices

EOLO digital air jet sieve shaker

It offers fast, effective sieving thanks to the flow of the product obtained forced by a current of air which forces the particles through the sieve. This effect is obtained using an industrial vacuum which maintains constant depression. It features a digital panel with sieving time regulation (1 to 99 minutes) and Vacuum Meter, which incorporates a depression regulator valve in order to select the necessary depression for each test.

Sieve shaker - Vulcano

The “Vulcano” Industrial Sieve shaker is ideal for small production runs of between 5 and 75 kg of product, liquids or solids, depending upon the type. Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel (or AISI 316, under request), it features an imbalanced-weight motor which produces a three-dimensional motion – in the horizontal and vertical planes – which makes the sieving of the product as easy as possible. Adjustment of the imbalanced-weights allows the regulation of product behaviour on the mesh and the sieving speed.