Filtra Vibracion SL, Spain

EOLO digital air jet sieve shaker

It offers fast, effective sieving thanks to the flow of the product obtained forced by a current of air which forces the particles through the sieve. This effect is obtained using an industrial vacuum which maintains constant depression. It features a digital panel with sieving time regulation (1 to 99 minutes) and Vacuum Meter, which incorporates a depression regulator valve in order to select the necessary depression for each test.

Sieve Shaker- Vulcano

The “Vulcano” Industrial Sieve shaker is ideal for small production runs of between 5 and 75 kg of product, liquids or solids, depending upon the type.

Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel (or AISI 316, under request), it features an imbalanced-weight motor which produces a three-dimensional motion – in the horizontal and vertical planes – which makes the sieving of the product as easy as possible. Adjustment of the imbalanced-weights allows the regulation of product behaviour on the mesh and the sieving speed.