Biolab Scientific Limited Canada

Muffle Furnace

muffle furnaces work effortlessly at high temperatures and give reliable results. Equipped with electronic controller and memory to store different programs, it makes the operation user friendly. Chambers are crafted for heavy duty operation and minimize heat loss.


Biological Safety Cabinet Class I series has an energy efficient design with low noise operation and corrosion free construction. Negative pressure ventilated cabinet operated with an open front and provides personnel protection. Air exiting the chamber is HEPA filtered to assure removal of contaminants.


Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Series is engineered specifically for laboratory operations that require user and product protection. Operates with a negative air pressure for personnel protection and HEPA filtered laminar airflow for product protection. Suitable for microbiological and research applications that do not involve radioactive substances and toxic contaminants.


Biological Safety Cabinet Class III Series is designed to work with level 4 pathogens. These safety cabinets feature a physical barrier between the user and product. It involves a gas tight chamber with negative pressure and attached pair of gloves for operation to avoid direct contact with hazardous contaminants. Robust design with advanced protection, it has a user friendly interface and energy efficiency.

Bench Top High Speed Centrifuge

Stainless steel interiors, integrated refrigeration system and advanced temperature controls make it flexible for your evolving applications. Safety features and low noise operation make it an ideal partner for your day to day separations. Used in Cell Separation, Precipitation, Sample Processing, Clinical, Cell Culture, Microplate Processing, Biochemistry, medical diagnosis.

Floor Type Low Speed Centrifuge

Floor Type Low Speed Designed around your applications to provide you competent sample processing and reliable results. Microcomputer programmable with excellent temperature controls and low noise operation maximize your productivity. Highly efficient with low maintenance requirements, it is an ideal separation tool for multiple research applications. Used in Cell Separation, Precipitation, Sample Processing, Clinical, Cell Culture, Microplate Processing, Biochemistry, medical diagnosis

Freeze Dryer

Biolab Benchtop Freeze dryer Series 100 is simple and economical means of freeze drying for stabilization of living material and preservation of fragile substances. Equipped with vacuum freeze drying technology and customizable tray spacing, this is the right product for your small scale freeze drying requirements.Condenser, control panel, shelves and trays are made of stainless steel, Low noise compressor with a long shelf life. The drying chamber is equipped with organic glass for safety and visibilityCondenser features pre-freezing function.

Stability Test Chamber

Chamber designed with laser processing technology and microprocessor controlled, it gives you interruption free long term operation. Durable interiors along with safety features make it an ideal option.

Orbital Shaker

Three eccentric shaft balancing drive ensures shaking with uniform speed. Speed adjustment settings permit both gentle and vigorous shaking. Varieties of platforms are available for different glassware and vessels. Used in Stability, Dissolution Studies, Liquid Extractions, Protein Precipitation, Small Peptide Synthesis, Dilutions. Also known as Laboratory Orbital Shaker.

Laminar Airflow

Compact design required for operations in an ultra clean, dust free environment. Ideal for laboratory applications where product protection is required. Small size saves precious laboratory space. Contains ultra thin filter including static pressure box without separator. Larger space permits working with laboratory equipments within the workspace. Used in Electronic sectors, Industrial sectors, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare.

Ice Flaker

Flake Ice maker is compact in size, made of highly durable material with energy efficient features. Increased efficiency gives quick production of ice flakes with ice making capacity from 50 kg/24h up to 130 kg/24h. Self contained storage bin eliminates the need of a separate storage unit.